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Juliet Valmont


Incandescent silks

Colour energy makes relationships visible. Silk is the textile that symbolizes transformation to flight ~ vis-à-vis, cocoon to wings, potential to embodiment, ephemeral to eternal.  A butterfly in the light laden air.

Imagine your higher soul seen and felt, your memory infused onto pure silk velvet, where your glowing soul colour and style rituals become a dimensional living presence. With the quantum energy of your heartfelt celestial presence, your silk glows with clairvoyant colour, made to appear for you to see, touch, wear, a superb gift of heightened luxury.
Our atelier orchestrates the sound of your soul on silk ~ a glorious aria that can accompany you to heaven.

A Visionary Wealth Colourist    

       As a boutique silk atelier, Juliet Valmont ardently makes a sea change in the lives of our people with pure and restorative colour.
     Her keen gift of discernment powers sophisticated glamour for your metamorphosis.
      Lady Juliet is the world's leading authority on eternal perception and celestial mindset for family inheritance.
       Her writing and tutoring on renaissance identity, higher soul affinity and relationships is far reaching and rewarding.
       To work with Lady Juliet is a significant investment, a partnership designed for both clarity and metamorphosis. Bespoke and valuable, your Crystal Silk Robe becomes the metaphor of your incomparable consciousness. 

Juliet is lovely as are her silks! Her silks embrace beauty, soul vitality and a feeling of comfort.
She is truly amazing. 

_ Kate Spadarotto

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the song of your soul on silk + 

TAILORED Collection I

+ Conservatory Calm Glamour Day
+ Renaissance Worth + Style 
+ Silk + handmade paper Vow books
+ Private gift ordering gallery 
+ Pure Soul Colour Silk scarf + square 
+ Amalfi Crystal Silk Charmeuse Robe

Your investment begins at $74,900

this collection Includes:

+ Travel fee of $5700


+ Conservatory Sea Colour + Silk Day
+ Nectars & Essences couple session
+ Celestial Lifestyle Map for your Marriage
+ Silk + handmade paper Vow books
+ Private gift ordering gallery
+ Ethereal bespoke Silk Composition
+ Pure Botanical Silk Velvet Robes 

Your investment begins at $117,500

this collection Includes:

+ Travel fee of $7900


+ Conservatory Sea Pearl Day
+ Nectars & Essences couple session 
+ Gorgeous Interior Silk Painting
+ Celestial Couture Map for your Marriage
+ Private gift ordering gallery
+ Song of your Soul on Silk bespoke scent
+ Imperial Seal of Design Creation
+ Pure Crystal Robe for her/ Constellation Silk for him

Your investment begins at $197,700

this collection Includes:

+ Travel fee of $11,550

Juliet's absolutely gorgeous silks are works of art! She is a caring + considerate artist who is wonderful to work with . . . a beautiful + memorable way to take it up a notch.
I highly recommend Juliet! ~ 

_ Wedding Maps



Pure Silk Pillowcases in your bespoke Colours 


Silk Velvet Perfume Pouch for your Wedding Day


Scented Silk Composition 


Couture Watercolour Calligraphy Notes

secure your silk

We can't wait to bring your vision to life.

We've tailored this proposal to your pure soul style ~ please feel free to email with any questions or to make alterations. 

- Juliet Valmont